Salman Khan backs Shahrukhan

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Mumbai: Dabangg Salman Khan is known for his tiffs with superstar Shahrukh Khan but the latter was seen defending SRK on reality show Bigg Boss 6(which Salman hosts) when Imam Siddique, one of the contestants, claimed to have contributed to his success.Salman, who is riding high after the success of his latest release Dabangg 2, praised King Khan on Bigg Boss 6 and a surprising queue of statements came one after another, post Imam bragged about casting SRK.When asked about this Salman said, "If anyone has become something, it is because of his dedication. We have no right to put somebody down. We don't get along at all, but what is not right is not right. The fact that SRK comes out of his house and goes to work provides so many people with who are you to take credit for that?" said Salman who doesn't let his problems with Shahrukh bother him much.Imam even bragged of casting Preity Zinta and became a victim of Salman's anger.Initially, Salman got infuriated with the way Imam behaved when he (Imam) tried his 'time-out' trick. While an open voting, everyone had to choose two contestants whom they wanted them to dislodge from house. In his votes, however, Imam voted against the captain of the house Niketan Madhok, which was against the rules. Salman desperately tried several times to make him understand things and another person in the house but he refused all and insisted on his 'time-out' act.Salman got angry with Imam's behaviour and responded starkly asking, "Is this the way you will talk to me?" Later on when Imam boasted that he, in his career has casted Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta, his (Salman's) anguish had no boundaries and he striked back, that "Shahrukh Khan is Shahrukh Khan because of his hard work and not because he casted them.""Shahrukh is in the industry because of his hard work and the support of his fans. It is because he has pursued his career with determination that he is a big man and not because you cast him in an advertisement," added Salman.Later Imam apologized and said that such was not his intention.

Akash Chandra Gupta

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


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